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Sarah Miranda
Oily Skin

Morphe Brushes? Yay? Nay? Would you recommend the face and eye brushes? In the market for something new

Makala Matthews
Dry Skin
They are very good brushes, but keep in mind they’re made with animal hair. Beautiful application and great price. However the downfall of all animal hair brushes is that they can be inconsistent on occasion because every animal is different. Of course I myself use morphe and I am pleased with them and I will repurchase. The sheer variety and shapes alone is incredible! Definitely perfect for people looking for quality at a great price!
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Alana Roberts
Combination Skin

What brand has the most affordable high quality makeup brushes?

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Rangita R
Combination Skin

Makeup Newbie Hello! I am a makeup newbie, I just got a face primer, eye primer, eyeliner and few brushes from Fenty!! I have a few lipglosses that I’ve used before! It would be great if I can get tips and suggestions on starting my makeup routine😃😃😃

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