Meet Mira, the first search engine for beauty – Mira

Better beauty buys for all.

We’ve designed Mira as the ultimate guide to the beautyverse where you can search for products based on your unique features and ask the community for advice to find what truly works for you.

What's it all about?

Discover new productsWe’ve aggregated the world’s perspective on individual beauty products so you can find out the truth behind what works, and what doesn’t. Find tips and tricks, video tutorials, and reviews all in one place.
Share your beauty adviceHave a beauty question and looking for an answer from someone who's been there? Ask the supportive community and get recommendations from users with your skin type and tone.
Your one-stop shopOnce you've found the product you want to try, compare prices directly on Mira and click through to purchase. Makeup, delivered to your door.
Say goodbye to frustrationWe're on a mission to put an end to:
647 tabs open to find one good product
Suffering through products that don't work for your skin
Wasting money on bad beauty products

How it works

CollectIn order to take the guesswork out of beauty buying we aggregate product ratings and reviews from across the web into one simple place.
CurateWe sift through the noise to bring you the most relevant beauty insights that will empower your buying decisions.
ConnectThe more users partake in the Mira community, the smarter the platform becomes, resulting in more accurate recommendations... so dive in!

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